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A will is a key part of every estate plan in Massachusetts. A properly drafted will can simplify estate administration, ensure that the right people get the right assets, and reduce family conflict. Contact Jordan & White to create a legally valid will in Massachusetts.

Why You Need a Will in Massachusetts

If you die without a will, family members will receive your property according to Massachusetts intestate succession laws, which may not match your preferences.

For example, let’s say that Susan, a widow with two adult children and no other family, owns $600,000 worth of property. Over the years, Susan has become estranged from her son Bill but maintains a close relationship with her daughter Laura. Susan wants to leave the bulk of her property to Laura and only a token sum to Bill.

If Susan dies before making a will, each of her children will inherit an equal share of her property, regardless of her wishes.

What a Will Includes

A will in Massachusetts should include:

  • A list of all your assets, including checking accounts, savings accounts, IRAs, real estate, and stocks
  • A list of beneficiaries due to receive each asset
  • The name of the person (or persons) you appoint to care for any minor children
  • The name of the executor who will handle estate administration after your death

To be valid in Massachusetts, a will must carry the signature of the testator and two competent adult witnesses not listed among the will’s beneficiaries. Massachusetts law only allows hard-copy wills (i.e., those not in digital, audio, or video form) and does not acknowledge holographic (handwritten) wills.

Do I Need a Lawyer to Create a Will?

Legally, Massachusetts residents can create a will without a lawyer. Some people use pre-made online templates to save money on drafting a will. However, in many cases, working with a wills lawyer can prevent unnecessary and expensive legal complications.

An estate and wills attorney can:

  • Ensure that your will is legally binding by using an up-to-date form and the necessary legal jargon
  • Reduce family conflict and minimize the possibility that someone will contest your will
  • Simplify probate and estate administration
  • Help you avoid common mistakes and oversights, like overlooking assets or harming a beneficiary’s eligibility for government benefits by a direct bequest

Additionally, a wills lawyer may advise you on estate planning tools like trusts, which can complement your will, protect your estate, and give you better control over property distribution.

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