Assignment of Corporation in Massachusetts

Incorporating your company is a major step that can allow you to enjoy tax advantages, boost professional credibility, and plan for business succession. As you prepare for assignment of corporation, you need to make sure you comply with all necessary legal requirements, including corporate articles, licenses, and permits.

The business and estate lawyers at Jordan & White, LLC, serving the North Shore of Massachusetts, can help you navigate the incorporation process and include your business in your estate plan. Call us at (978) 744-2811 for reliable legal help with corporation setup and maintenance in Massachusetts.

Should You Incorporate Your Business?

Incorporating your Massachusetts business offers several advantages, including:

  • Separating the liability of corporation from your personal liability, which can protect your personal property from business debts
  • Tax benefits on tax-deductible expenses
  • Higher credibility with potential clients and partners
  • Easier capital raising and fund transfer

A corporation is a durable business structure that can, with the proper preparations, outlive any individual beneficial owner or shareholder. You may transfer your proportionate share of stock to a trust and appoint a successor trustee to manage these shares of stock after your death.

Other business setups, like a limited liability company, offer many of the same advantages as a corporation. Jordan & White can advise you on the optimal business structure for your organization.

The Assignment of Corporation Process in Massachusetts

The main steps for incorporating a business in Massachusetts include:

  • Preparing the relevant information, including the corporation’s name, shareholder resolutions, and appointments of chief directors and officers
  • Completing and filing the corporation’s Articles of Organization, which involve details like defining a corporate purpose and setting restrictions on stock transfer
  • Applying for an EIN (Employer Identification Number) and any relevant licenses and permits
  • Obtaining the necessary insurance coverage, like workers’ comp and professional liability insurance

Do You Need a Corporations Lawyer?

Non-compliance with legal procedures during and after assignment of corporation can lead to major problems. You may reduce the chance of future fines, penalties, and liability lawsuits by working with a competent and experienced business lawyer.

The legal team of Jordan & White knows all about corporation formation and maintenance in Massachusetts. We will:

  • Make sure your corporation articles include all the necessary documents, like shareholder resolutions and transfer of stock agreements
  • Tailor your incorporation documents to your organization’s needs
  • If necessary, help you transfer your organization to trust ownership as a part of your estate and business succession plan
  • Take care of ongoing corporation maintenance, like filing tax reports or modifying Articles of Organization
  • Help you avoid costly non-compliance fines and penalties

Jordan & White, LLC: Smooth Corporation Establishment and Maintenance on the North Shore of Massachusetts

Incorporating the right way may have a major impact on the future of your business venture. The experienced corporation lawyers of Jordan & White, LLC, offer hassle-free, legally compliant assignment of corporation and corporation maintenance services to clients on the North Shore of Massachusetts. We help protect your business during your lifetime and secure your future professional legacy.

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