Pet Trust

Pet parents often wonder what will become of their beloved dog, cat, horse, or parrot when they pass away. Depending on your pet’s life expectancy and other circumstances, you may choose to set up a designated pet trust to make sure your beloved pet animals get the care they need.

At Jordan & White, serving the North Shore of Massachusetts, we help pet owners set up an estate plan that provides for their animal companions. Call us at (978) 744-2811 for legal advice on creating a pet trust.

Why Set Up a Pet Trust

Do you really need a pet trust? Isn’t it enough to specify your wishes for your pet’s care in a will, or even make a verbal agreement with a trusted family member or friend? The fact is that estate closure can be a tense and stressful period, and a pet’s needs often get overlooked during this time.

A pet trust ensures that:

  • Your pet will enjoy secure care without depending on the goodwill of family members or friends
  • Your pet’s care will correspond with your wishes and instructions
  • Your pet will instantly benefit from the funds you allotted for their care without the need for probate

How a Pet Trust Works

To fulfill its purpose of securing a lifelong provision for your animal companion, the pet trust document must:

  • Appoint a dependable trustee and caretaker. It is vital to choose people who are willing and able to undertake the responsibility of trust management and day-to-day pet care. Depending on your arrangements, the trustee and caretaker may be the same person.
  • Include detailed instructions for your pet’s well-being, including daily care, routine veterinary care, and end-of-life arrangements like euthanasia.
  • Specify what happens to residual assets after the pet’s death. You may choose to name a family member or a charitable organization as a remainder beneficiary.

How Our Team at Jordan & White Can Help Ensure Your Pet’s Future Care

Our skilled trust and estate attorneys of Jordan & White will work with you to create a comprehensive estate plan that helps you provide for your entire family, including your pets. We will draft a pet trust document that:

  • Secures the best possible provision for your pet throughout its lifetime
  • Respects your wishes regarding your pet’s end-of-life arrangements and burial or cremation
  • Is legally valid and enforceable under Massachusetts law

Our experienced legal team is ready to advise you on any aspect of setting up a pet trust, from deciding whom to name as your pet’s caretaker to determining how much to allot for your pet’s lifelong needs.

Jordan & White, LLC: Trust Planning for Pet Caregivers on the North Shore of Massachusetts

The joy of pet ownership comes with a responsibility to provide for your animal companion even after you pass away. The experienced estate planning attorneys of Jordan & White, LLC, can help you make sure that your dog, cat, or any other type of pet enjoys the best possible care in any circumstances.

Call us at (978) 744-2811 or contact us online to set up a Massachusetts pet trust today.