Condominium Conversions

Condominium conversions occur when a property owner converts their home, commercial space, or apartment rental complex into multiple condo units.

Jordan & White, LLC, is here to help you through the process of condominium conversions in Danvers, MA. If you’re interested in starting the condo conversion process, contact Jordan & White, LLC.

Condominium Conversions in Danvers, Massachusetts

When you convert a home into a condo, you separate the property into units, which separate condo owners buy and live in. The process of condominium conversion requires the following:

  • Drafting a Master Deed
  • Declaring a Trust and condominium bylaws
  • Establishing an annual condominium budget
  • Drafting unit deeds
  • Obtaining 6D certificates

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by condo conversions, but our lawyers at Jordan & White have the experience and knowledge you need by your side. We can help you through the documentation,  property taxes, and zoning requirements to every part of the process.

How to Approach Massachusetts Condominium Conversions

The Massachusetts Condominium Act states the regulations that our lawyers will help you follow as you prepare to convert your property. These regulations include:

  • Notifying current tenants of condominium conversions one year prior
  • Attaining measurements of separate units from an architect before conversion
  • Receiving the site plan of the condominium units, as detailed by an engineer or land surveyor

Jordan & White will also help you understand local laws that may differ from the Massachusetts state laws.

Condo Conversion Help from Massachusetts Jordan & White Lawyers

Before you begin your condominium conversion, it’s important that you reach out to a lawyer to discuss the legal issues and tax implications you may not know. A Jordan & White lawyer will help you know how to separate units and identify shared common spaces between owners.

Your Declaration of Trust and bylaws will not only provide you with part of the legal documentation you need, but they also tell you how to run your future condominium on a day-to-day basis.

Your condominium association will be a part of your banking and operations. Separate condo owners pay regular maintenance fees, and it’s essential for you to understand how the association works.

Showing and Selling Condominium Units

After you complete the steps of converting your property into condos, you should be ready to sell. When showing condo units to prospective buyers, always be prepared to present interested individuals with the documentation required by state and local laws in Massachusetts. Jordan & White will help you prepare these documents ready before showing your condo units:

  • The finalized Master Deed
  • Declaration of Trust or condominium bylaws
  • Site and floor plans from the architect and engineer
  • Annual condominium budget
  • Purchase and Sales Agreement

Start Your Massachusetts Condominium Conversion

Contact the law offices of Jordan & White, LLC, to start your condominium conversion. Our lawyers have experience with this process, and we can help you navigate Massachusetts zoning and legal requirements. At our law office, your future condo conversions are in good hands. We’re looking forward to connecting with you and addressing your concerns. If you need help with condominium conversions, please call Jordan & White at (978) 744-2811.