Deeds in Massachusetts

Deeds are legal documents that transfer real property ownership. While signing a deed is a simple process, you need to make sure that the deed includes accurate information and follows all legal procedures as it enters the Massachusetts public record.

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Types of Deeds in Massachusetts

Massachusetts recognizes three different types of deeds, the main difference between which is the degree of legal protection they give the buyer. These deed types include:

  • Warranty deeds. A warranty deed provides the highest level of security for the buyer. It guarantees that the seller is the undisputed owner of the property. A warranty deed also assures the property’s freedom from encumbrances (like liens), both before and during the seller’s period of ownership, and promises legal defense against any title claims.
  • Quitclaim deeds. This common type of deed offers somewhat less protection for buyers. Unlike warranty deeds, quitclaim deeds only guarantee the property’s unencumbered status during the time of the current seller’s ownership, but not before. Thus, theoretically, if a prior lien existed, the current owner forfeits any responsibility for it by signing a quitclaim deed.
  • Release deeds. A release deed offers the buyer no guarantees and virtually no protection in case of a title dispute. It simply transfers the rights to the property between two parties, whatever these rights might be.

Why Correct Deeds Are So Important

Making sure that your deed includes full and accurate information can help prevent many problems down the road, especially when you decide to sell or refinance the property. Ownership challenges, accusations of forgery, and prior liens that suddenly crop up are just a few risks you can reduce by hiring an experienced real estate lawyer to revise all the asset’s documents.

What a Deed Lawyer Does

Working with a competent real estate lawyer in a property transfer gives you extra protection. An attorney will make sure your deed and other legal documents follow Massachusetts law, catch any mistakes, and correct them in time.
If any type of ownership challenge or legal issue concerning your deed comes up, a real estate attorney can help you resolve these difficulties and, if necessary, represent you in court.

The skilled real estate lawyers of Jordan & White provide all types of deed services, including:

  • Adding or removing names to or from a deed
  • Deed transfers from individuals to trusts, LLCs, and corporations
  • Assessing deed transfer options for mortgaged assets
  • Legal counsel in cases of deed and title challenges

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