Deeds in Massachusetts

A deed is a legal document that confirms property ownership. Correct form and wording on deeds carry first-rate legal importance in real estate transactions.

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What a Deed Includes

All Massachusetts property deeds must contain the following updated and accurate information to be legally valid:

  • The names and IDs of the buyer and seller
  • A description of the transferred property
  • The signatures of the parties involved in the transaction

In addition, depending on its type, a deed includes specific guarantees and commitments.

Types of Deeds

The State of Massachusetts recognizes the following types of property deeds:

  • General warranty deeds, which give the buyer the highest level of protection by ensuring the title is valid and unencumbered with claims
  • Special warranty deeds, which afford slightly less protection since they only guarantee the property’s freedom from encumbrance during the period of the current seller’s ownership
  • Quitclaim deeds, which only transfer property ownership with no warranty or promise, and thus give the buyer the least amount of legal protection

What Happens If Deeds Contain Mistakes?

What if an already recorded deed includes an error, even something as trivial as the spelling of your name? Deed mistakes may interfere with the chain of title: that is, your legal connection to the property. You may be unaware of the mistake for years and only discover it when:

  • You want to sell the property
  • You’re applying for a loan or mortgage
  • Someone challenges your ownership of the property

Our legal team of Jordan & White can help make sure your deed contains no mistakes and suggest valid ways to correct existing deeds.

Do You Need a Real Estate Lawyer for Deed Services?

A mistake on a deed could interfere in any future transactions involving the real estate property and potentially cost you a lot of money and hassle. You can save yourself lots of trouble by working with an experienced real estate lawyer to draft or revise a deed.

At Jordan & White, we make sure deeds follow all the necessary procedures for:

  • Adding names to a deed or removing them from a deed
  • Transferring deeds between private individuals or from private ownership to a trust, LLC, or corporation
  • Deed transfer while the property is under a mortgage

We can also advise you which type of deed—general warranty, special warranty, or quitclaim—suits your purpose best in the real estate transaction.

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When you make a real estate transaction, ensuring the legality of documents like deeds, leases, and liens helps you avoid major headaches down the road. At Jordan & White, LLC, we make sure all the documents related to your real estate purchase or sale are valid and comply with Massachusetts law.

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