Why You Should Choose Jonathan White for Your Estate Planning Needs

Like all lawyers who practice extensively in the area of estate planning, I know the laws very well. I have lots of experience creating estate documents and guiding clients through estate administration.

My personal experience in estate planning set me apart from other attorney’s, I went through the estate planning process as a consumer before I really started practicing in this area of law. I was sitting where you are now. Despite the fact that I was an attorney, I was still not quite sure how all the estate planning pieces worked in real life.

Then, in short succession, I went through the process with my mom, my grandmother, and grandfather. We had to develop special plans to manage funds for my older brother. I’ve had to support my dad through it all.

In each case, the timing was different, and so were the needs of my family members involved. I really got a sense of what worked in various situations.

And what I would have done differently.

All my experiences made me want to help others as they prepare to face the same challenges and make the same decisions. One the one hand, I felt some tasks were much easier than they could have been because we had solid legal documents in place. On the other hand, there were some decisions I looked back on with regret. When my clients face the same choices now, I make sure they understand their full range of options and the pros and cons of each.

I think it makes me a much better advisor. I understand what it feels like to make decisions from the sterile confines of a hospital room. I know what it’s like to see someone’s limitless future suddenly reduced to a matter of weeks.

It’s hard. I try to do what I can to make it less hard.

The Heritage of Jordan & White

The history of Danvers infuses every aspect of this remarkable town. The firm of Jordan & White is part of that history, so I am privileged to enjoy the connection with our heritage.

The lineage of our firm dates back to 1938 when Sumner Raymond opened his law practice in Danvers. Descended from some of the earliest and most notorious founding fathers of Danvers, Sumner played a pivotal role in the community for decades. In a town known both for the settlers accused of witchcraft and the religious orators who prosecuted them on trial, Sumner was related to men on both sides of the fray. He served as managing partner of the firm for nearly 60 years before passing the baton to Dana Jordan.

Like Sumner before him, Dana was committed to community service as well as excellence in serving clients. I partnered with Dana starting in 2011, and am proud to carry on the traditions of the firm.

Thank you for considering us for your estate planning needs.