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A durable power of attorney (POA) can protect you if you become incapacitated and need someone else to make financial or healthcare decisions on your behalf. Contact Jordan & White, estate planning attorneys, to incorporate a POA document in your estate plan.

How Durable Power of Attorney Works

If you become incapacitated because of a medical condition like dementia or an unforeseen event like a severe accident, a durable POA allows your appointed representative to make medical, financial, or other decisions on your behalf.

The two main types of durable POA in Massachusetts are:

  • Financial power of attorney. A financial POA allows your chosen agent to handle your finances, manage your property, and conduct transactions in your name.
  • Medical power of attorney. A medical POA gives a trusted representative the authority to make decisions about healthcare, medical treatment, and end-of-life care for you.

As long as you are mentally competent, you can always revoke a durable POA and create a new document if necessary.

Why You Should Create a Durable POA Today

Establishing a durable POA lets you decide who will act on your behalf if you cannot handle your medical or financial decisions. Your choice of an agent may differ from the default appointment under Massachusetts law—for example, you may trust one of your adult children more than another and delegate authority to the person you consider more responsible.

A medical POA helps ensure that any healthcare decisions respect your wishes. This may include potentially controversial issues like life support, end-of-life care, and organ donation.

You can create a durable power of attorney only if you possess your full mental faculties. If you suffer an accident or a stroke or your mental capacity deteriorates with progressive dementia, you will be unable to authorize a durable POA. That’s why it’s imperative to draft a durable power of attorney as soon as possible.

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A durable power of attorney is essential to every comprehensive estate plan. Jordan & White, estate planning attorneys, will help you create a durable POA document that represents your wishes and covers every legal scenario. Call (978) 744-2811 to create a durable power of attorney in Massachusetts.