Why You Should Choose Jordan & White For Your Real Estate Planning Needs

Close on Time

In a real estate transaction, time is money. When problems delay a closing, you lose. At Jordan & White, we detect potential problems and fix them quickly and efficiently. We solve clients‘ problems before they become your problem. Your transactions proceed without unnecessary delays and you can keep moving forward.

Expertise When it Matters

All real estate attorneys know the law. We know it better. Massachusetts Continuing Legal Education brings us in to teach other attorneys how to conduct real estate closings. So, you can work with the trainee still learning the ropes, or you can work with the experienced trainer who can spot trouble at a glance. We won’t come to you with problems at the last minute. We bring solutions.

The Best Protection

When it comes to real estate transactions, good legal representation is about more than just knowing the law. It is about protection

  • We’ve invested in technology that allows us to complete transactions quickly and securely
  • We protect financing contingency deadlines so buyers don’t lose deposits
  • We ensure all parties fulfill their obligations
  • We prepare the right Declaration of Homestead to protect equity

You know that phrase, “you get what you pay for?” Some real estate lawyers offer to do the buyer’s work for “free” when they get the work for the lender. An attorney who is throwing in service as a bonus has no incentive to take a thorough approach which leaves you unprotected. When the seller needs a Declaration of Homestead, that attorney will charge them If there’s a problem with the lender or another part of the transaction, that attorney simply disappears. We take a different approach We charge a flat fee for buyer representation. In exchange for that fee, the buyers receive the full benefit of an attorney-client relationship from Jordan & White. Our fee includes:

  • Drafting offers to purchase and any other related documentation
  • Negotiating, developing, and reviewing the purchase and sale agreement
  • Consultations about the terms and any potential problems associated with the transaction
  • Supervision of the purchase and attendance at the closing
  • Managing communication with brokers, attorneys and/or the seller
  • Negotiating and drafting any extension(s) closing dates, if necessary;
  • Preparing a Declaration of Homestead to protect equity from creditors

We provide valuable services to protect clients as they make one of the biggest investments of their lives. Using a “free” attorney saves probably less than one tenth of one percent on the transaction. But if that attorney disappears or makes a mistake, the problems could cost much, much more. Real estate is an investment and it makes sense to invest just a little more in measures to secure that investment.

The Attorney You Need to Work With

When it comes to real estate lawyers

  • You can find some who are thorough
  • You can find some who are fast
  • And you can find some who are cheap.

You will not find any with all three of these attributes You need someone who is fast. And you need someone who is thorough. That’s Jordan & White, LLC Call us to learn how we can work with you.