6D Certificate

If you plan on selling your condominium unit in Massachusetts, you will need a 6D certificate — a form of certification that confirms you’ve paid all the common area fees to the organization of unit owners.

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What Is a 6D Certificate?

A clean Section 6(d) certificate shows that the condo unit owner has paid all their outstanding fees to the condominium association, including common expenses like landscaping, lobby maintenance, utilities, and so forth.

A condo unit owner may need a 6D certificate if:

  • They are preparing to sell their unit
  • They are looking into mortgage refinancing options
  • They are involved in a lawsuit with the condo association

The first reason is the most common by far. A 6(D) certificate is one of the documents the seller needs to provide at the closing to show that the property is free of encumbrances. Unpaid HOA fees (a.k.a “dirty” 6D certificates) count as a lien on the property and may interfere with the transaction.

How Issuing the 6D Certificate Works

Once the unit owner makes a written request for a 6D certificate from the condominium association, the association must issue the 6D certificate within 10 business days. The association may provide a statement that lists unpaid fees (a “dirty” certificate), but it cannot withhold a 6D certificate as a way of punishing the unit owner for any outstanding fees.

However, if the unit owner owes any back payments to the condominium association, they will typically need to resolve these payments before the sale. Most lenders will refuse to provide funds for a property without a clean 6D certificate, so the buyer will likely need this document for financing the purchase.

Why You May Need a Real Estate Lawyer for a 6D Certificate

Working with a competent real estate lawyer is important to ensure that your condo sale or purchase involves no hidden encumbrances and follows all state requirements. A real estate attorney can be especially helpful if the condominium trustees unlawfully refuse to issue a 6D certificate to a unit owner or if the property is part of a two-unit condominium with no regular association.

At Jordan & White, we can:

  • Help unit owners negotiate with their condo association to receive a clean 6D certificate
  • Provide real estate solutions for two-unit condos without a functional association
  • Offer helpful tips for condominium trustees struggling with a high rate of unpaid fees

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