Real Estate Developer Representation

As a property developer, you know a lot about the real estate market and how to build a client’s dream home. You probably don’t know the ins and outs of your area’s real estate law, however. This is why Jordan & White is proud to offer real estate developer representation around Massachusetts.

Do Commercial Real Estate Developers in Massachusetts Need Legal Representation?

According to Massachusetts law, real estate development projects, large and small, need to involve a lawyer. The laws surrounding commercial real estate are incredibly location-specific, often coming down to the neighborhood. Especially in the most complex cases, it can help greatly if you have developed a professional relationship with the attorney representing you ahead of time.

A legal representative can also save you time and money from the beginning. Some developers use boilerplate contracts and other paperwork for every transaction. Because every property is unique, however, a customized approach is critical. A commercial real estate lawyer knows the pitfalls to watch out for and helps you avoid them.

Having a legal team on hand from an early stage can reduce your legal liability in certain cases. The more you work with your lawyers and the more they document, the easier it becomes to prove your case before a judge if you need to.

What Should You Look for in a Representative?

When you seek out a legal representative, your top priority should be to find one who has extensive knowledge in the areas you work in. A commercial real estate developer who specializes in converting properties into condominiums will have vastly different needs from one who builds brand-new shopping centers.

Real estate developers should also find legal representatives who are highly familiar with the area they serve. Does the law firm understand the intricacies of local zoning laws? How long has the firm been practicing in your area?

Another question to ask is what technology the representative has available to complete your transactions securely. A data breach can be devastating to any company, but especially to a real estate developer who may only have a few active clients at a time.

You should also ask how accessible your legal representatives will be when you need them. Commercial real estate developer representation firms must be able to resolve sudden issues quickly and thoroughly.

What Services Does a Massachusetts Legal Representative Provide?

Legal representatives for commercial real estate developers do a lot for their clients. Some of these services include:

  • Preparing Letters of Intent and Purchase and Sale Agreements
  • Doing due diligence on prospective properties, including condition and environmental assessments
  • Attaining land use permits
  • Preparing and verifying contracts for construction
  • Drafting and analyzing homeowners’ association documents
  • Assisting with closing paperwork

Jordan & White Represents Developers Across Massachusetts

Whether you have questions about setting up an LLC to buy and sell real estate or you need assistance with tax abatement, consult our legal team at Jordan & White. Our real estate attorneys serving the North Shore of Massachusetts will provide you with cost-effective, knowledgeable real estate developer representation.