The Importance of Communication

Whether you are a buyer, a seller, a lender, or an agent representing either side, it’s hard to overstate the importance of communication in real estate transactions. An attractive property and a lucrative offer will entice buyers, but only good communication skills will take a deal all the way to closing. Below are a few tips to help you with smooth communication in real estate deals.

How Good Communication Can Help Real Estate Transactions

Communication can make or break a real estate deal. With open, timely, and clear communication between all sides, the transaction will move more quickly and with less risk of falling through. The following tactics will help keep communication channels flowing.

Be Proactive

Ensure all involved parties understand key details, from information about the property to contract terms and escrow account management. If you foresee that something may cause problems, talk about and resolve it before it becomes a major issue.

Proactive communication is especially important at the transaction’s focal points, like property showing, negotiating the contract terms, and closing.

Enhance Communication With Active Listening

Whatever side of the transaction you’re on, active listening will help you create a positive connection and establish trust. Active listening means staying engaged throughout the conversation, noticing the other person’s body language and non-verbal cues, and expressing acceptance, empathy, and understanding of what you hear.

Tap Into Your Written Communication Skills

Your texts and emails should be timely, concise, and positive. Double-check what you write to ensure you cover all essential points clearly and easily. Stay in touch regularly with brief text updates, especially when a real estate transaction approaches a critical point like closing.

If you’re a real estate professional (i.e., an agent, broker, or lender), consider using transaction management software to keep all written communication in order and avoid missing important deadlines.

How an Experienced Real Estate Lawyer Can Help Communication

Communication breakdowns may occur in real estate transactions through nobody’s fault. Complicated contract terms, poor understanding of potential legal implications, or an unexpected discovery about the property can short-circuit a real estate deal.

A real estate lawyer who understands the importance of communication can smooth the path through every transaction stage. For instance, a skilled attorney can:

  • Explain contract terms in an easy, approachable manner
  • Handle important communication with buyers, sellers, agents, or lenders
  • Inform you of potential problems with certain contract clauses
  • Help you negotiate the sale agreement

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