Jonathan’s ‘Great Practice. Great Life.’ Podcast Navigating Business Insights

In this newsletter, I’m excited to share my recent appearance on the ‘Great Practice. Great Life.’ podcast, where I delved into the challenges of making your first hire and the enduring lessons to be learned from failure, offering insights relevant to legal professionals. I also provide a glimpse into my presentation at the Peabody Chamber of Commerce on crucial legal topics.

~ Jonathan White, Attorney 


Tune In to Jonathan’s “Great Practice. Great Life.” Podcast Episode for Business Wisdom

Legal training prepares attorneys to accomplish specialized legal tasks for clients, but education and experience in the practice of law do not prepare lawyers to lead a team or operate a successful law firm. When attorneys go into practice for themselves, they often struggle to meet clients’ other needs—such as being responsive to communications—while accomplishing legal tasks, managing business essentials, and maintaining balance in their personal lives.

To help others take advantage of what he learned through experience, Jonathan shared his wisdom on Steve Riley’s popular podcast “Great Practice. Great Life.” This podcast features successful small and solo law firm attorneys sharing their strategies for building a business based on what they learned through experience.

Advice Founded on Experience

The goal of the “Great Practice. Great Life.” The podcast is to demonstrate to overworked attorneys how they can reduce stress while still maintaining high client service standards. The podcast is sponsored by Atticus Advantage, the nation’s premier law practice management advisory firm.

During the episode, Jonathan’s focus is on “Overcoming the Challenges of Making Your First Hire,” but he also shares his journey from serving in the Attorney General’s Office right out of law school to working for a large insurance company to building his own practice in estate planning and real estate law.

Hiring is Often the Greatest Challenge Attorneys Face in their Practice

People often think that the most difficult aspect of growing a legal practice is finding clients. While this requires focused effort, the most challenging task for many attorneys is finding, training, developing, and leading members of their team. In the podcast, Jonathan explains how he surmounted the hurdles and reframed risks. He also discusses hiring strategies and the importance of leadership culture in a successful practice.

In the podcast, Jonathan reveals:

  • His passion for both law school and the practice of law
  • The reason he decided he had to leave the big firm he was working for
  • How he started his business and how his original business plan looked nothing like his current practice
  • The three biggest hurdles he faced when he started his practice.
  • How his education and career set him up for success as a courtroom attorney but not as a team leader
  • How attorneys can filter out poor-fit applicants before they even make their first contact
  • How to convey a vision for the team

Near the end of the podcast, Jonathan announces that his next goal is to join the “Double Comma Club” within the next year. He has a clear path to accomplish that goal. (Spoiler alert—it refers to grossing over $1,000,000 in the firm.) The emphasis on hiring enables him to set that goal.

Learning Lessons from Failure

Jonathan closes his discussion with some advice that applies to far more than running a legal practice. He urges listeners to push past their fears and embrace the lessons that can come from failure.

“You’re going to learn all kinds of really good lessons and you’re going to apply them to become successful the next time,” he explains. “So don’t be afraid to push yourself. In doing that, you’ll look at things differently, and the next thing you know, you’re beyond the obstacle that you were afraid to push through in the first place.”


Jonathan White’s Presentation at the Peabody Chamber of Commerce

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